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piston air compressor

piston air compressor
Product name : piston air compressor
Item : A Series
Details :
 A series air-cooled and portable piston air compressor 

  Product Features 

1,Ring valve structure,Swedish stainles steel valve plates are adopted,after such treatments as precisely turning ,grounding and stress relieving,the product boasts an excellent tenacity and resistance to impact under high temperature 
2,Cylinder cap's cooling fin boasts an extensive area so as to achieve good heat rejection
3,Cast iron piston (for some kinds of models) has a small thermal expansion and accurate gap control ,so that even under ultra-temperature,cylinder expansion will not occur. 
4, Double-oil ring structure is adopted to guarantee the sufficient lubrication for both the piston and cylinder,while oil mix will not occur. 
5, Packing rings are produced by famous enterprise,so that the wear-resisting is good and fuel consumption is small.Also,carbon deposit will not occur
6,High strength magnesium iron connecting lever(some kinds of models)boasts good parallelism and high buckling strength after the specialized precision work. 
7, Cephalic foramens of the connecting lever adopts high-wearing bushing(or needle roller bearing),so as to achieve long performance life and convenient replacement .
8,Crankcase adopts primary processing via CNC machining center,so that high verticality and parallelism are available for the hole and surface. 
9, Coning bearing with high intensity and accuracy is adopted so as to realize the low noise and long service life. 
10, Host machine pulley is calibrated strictly to achieve the dynamic equilibrium and smooth performance. 
11, Air suction filter with high-rate filtration & erasure effect. 

  Parameters For A series 

Model Power Cylinder F.A.D Pressure   Speed Tank Weight   Dimension
KW/HP Dia.×Qty. Stroke m3/min Mpa    r/min   L   Kg   L×W×H(mm)
VA-80 2.2/3.0 ф80×2 60 0.3 0.7 770 80 143 1160X420X810
TA-80 4.0/5.5 ф80×3 60 0.5 0.7 880 130 203 1410X460X960
VA-100 5.5/7.5 ф100×2 70 0.7 0.7 950 170 268 1440X560X1050
TA-100 7.5/10 ф100×3 70 1 0.7 900 200 326 1660X650X1140
TA-120 11/15 ф120×3 80 1.5 0.7 800 200 436 1660X700X1220
TA-20H 15/20 ф120×3 100 2 0.7 860 300 490 1770X770X1240
HTA80 4.0/5.5 ф80×2 60 0.45 1.2 950 130 223 1410X460X960
HTA100 7.5/10 ф100×2 70 0.84 1.2 990 200 379 1660X650X1140
HTA120 11/15 ф120×2 80 1.2 1.2 800 200 494 1660X700X1220
Note: The parameters are subject to change without prior notice     
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