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LPG Pump

LPG Pump LPG Pump LPG Pump LPG Pump
Product name : LPG Pump
Item :
Details :
LYB – 2000 LPG Vane Pump

LYB-2000 LPG vane pump is positive displacement pump, which is specially designed to perform in such severe operating conditions as high differential pressure, pump over speeding, poor suction conditions. It has V-belt or direct-drive mounting with gear reducer for option.

• Innovative cam design virtually eliminates cavitation.
• New materials utilized in cam & blades, and heavy duty bearings extending pump life.
• Single mechanical seal, easy seal replacement and maintenance.
• Large non-metallice pins are suitable for higher pump speed.

Technical Specification
Inlet & Outlet:50mm/2"
Max. Working Pressure:28.6 Bar
Differential Pressure:8.6 Bar
Internal Relief Valve:Yes

Typical applications for LPG, NH3 bulk transfer include LPG cylinder filling, loading and unloading of bulk trucks and transport trailers.

DB-65 LPG Side Channel Multistage Pump


The DB-65 multistage pump, centrifugal and side channel, is designed with 6 stages, having a horizontal
configuration, shaft sealing by mechanical seal without cooling, for handling LPG (liquid gas ), the liquids
involving high-differential pressure, low NPSH conditions and aerated liquids up to 50% gas, such as
pumping from underground tanks. The use of a pre-compression turbine at the suction end makes it
possible to obtain a very small required NPSH, so that this pump can be used under very difficult suction


Technical Specification
Direction of rotation:Anti-clockwise facing the end of the pump drive shaft
Max. Pressure: 40 bars at 120℃
Speed: 1450rpm
Power: 380V,50Hz,4KW
Ambient Temperature:20℃~+60℃
Number of stages: 6
Connecting flanges: DIN 2501, PN 40 as per DIN 2501, PN 40
Bearings:Sleeve bearing at the pump end, ball bearing at the
drive end



• LPG cylinder filling
• Pumping LPG from
underground storage
• Bulk filling operations
• Loading/unloading of bulk
trucks and transport trailers
• Vaporizer feed pumps.

LWB-150 LPG Turbine Pump

LWB-150 LPG Turbine Pump is for high differential
pressure application like aboveground & underground
tank transfer etc. or direct-mounting with gear
reducer for option.

• Economic alternative to submersible designs.
• Meeting multiple demands for low or high flow
rate with high differential pressure in LPG
application. This pump is an ideal pump for two
dual hose LPG dispensers.
• Continuous duty design.
• Easy to use and economic.

Technical Specification
Inlet: 40mm/1.5"
Outlet: 25mm/ 1"
Flow Rate: 85 L/min
Speed:50Hz/2880 RPM or 60Hz/3450RPM
Max Working Pressure: 27.6 Bar/400PSI
Differential Pressure: 17.2 Bar/250PSI
Temperature: -32oC~+107oC
• Autogas dispensing                                                             Go Top                                   
• Cylinder filling
• Vaporizer feed                                                                           
• Bulk Transfer                                                                                         

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